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I decided to create this journal one day when I thought: I am poet. No, I am a poetess. They are essentially the same thing, but even though the term poetess may be going out of style, I'd still like to use it and claim it. I am a woman and I am proud of that. In my reasoning, can't one still be proud of a certain identity and still be good at their job? Eh ignore me. I'm just rambling.

But anyway I've decided that this journal will catalog my thought on various forms of poetry and other types of creative writing. I won't post my stories here, no there are various communities for that. But I will mostly likely post non series poetry and fiction here. You know that ultra rare one shot before it sprawls into a whole series?

As a side note, I really need to just write a one shot one of these days that doesn't develop into a series. But pigs will fly first.

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