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This is the first in what I hope will be one of my new projects. This story is intended to be gothic fiction. It takes place in the early Victorian era. It's posted here because I don't have a journal for it yet as I don't know if I will continue with the project. But without further ado.

Title: Prospectives
Prompt: All By Myself
Bonus? No
Word Count: 385
Rating: G
Original/Fandom: Original/Untitled GF
Pairings (if any) None
Warnings (Non-Con/Dub-Con etc): None
Summary: Absolutely no one had answered the ad he had put out.

John sighed as he reached for the papers on his desk.

He was looking for prospective tutors for his son, little John. Though he’d put out the advertisement two months ago, no one had answered it.

There was a knock on the study door.

“You may enter,” John said without looking up from his papers.

The door opened and his butler, Mr. Cox, entered the room. He carried a silver tray with tea and buttered scones on it. He sat it down on the desk.

“Thank you, Mr. Cox.”

“You are most welcome, sir.”

John returned to his papers, but he couldn’t quite shake the feeling that someone was watching him. He looked and Mr. Cox was still standing by the desk.

“Is there else you wanted to say, Mr. Cox?”

“It isn’t my place,” Mr. Cox started.

“Yes, but that never has stopped you before,” John said turning to Mr. Cox.

“I was wondering have you found a tutor for the young master yet?”

“You know very well that I haven’t, Cox.”

“Ah,” Mr. Cox said nodding. “There was a letter delivered today.”


“It was an answer to the ad you posted, sir.”

A smile managed to make its way onto John’s face.

“Why have you waited to tell me then, Mr. Cox?”

“Well sir. The reply was from a Miss Adams.”

John frowned. “A woman?”

“Yes, of course sir, what else?”

John leaned back in his chair. He had wanted a male tutor for his son. But it seemed like Miss Adams was the only prospective that actually had the nerve to write.

“Send a reply to Miss Adams, Cox.”

“What should I say, sir?”

“By God, must I do everything in the place?” John said standing up. “I’ll write the bloody letter and you can have someone mail it off for me.”

“Splendid idea,” Mr. Cox said.

John looked over Mr. Cox. He always felt as though the old man was laughing at him. He’d always felt like that even when he’d been a boy.

“Is there everything else you need, sir?”

“No, you may leave,” John said dipping his pen into the ink well. “Finally.”

Mr. Cox gave a little bow before exiting the room. John shook his head. He made a mental note to see about possibly replacing Mr. Cox.
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