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This will be a repost from my original writing community ([ profile] vi_rose).

This piece was written for a [ profile] writerverse challenge.

The Artist’s Date

For my date I went shopping. First I woke up and then ate my usual scrambled eggs for breakfast. Then I showered before calling a taxi.

Once I got to the store, I went to my usual section, the book section: P. I looked over the new romance arrivals before I selected a few I’d like to read. The titles are: No Longer A Gentleman and The Rake by Mary Jo Putney, The Taming of the Rogue by Amanda McCabe and The Price of Royal Duty by Penny Jordan (R.I.P. fair lady). I also treated myself to new scrapbook supplies and some new pajamas. Since Mother’s Day is coming up, I also bought my mom a gift.

Afterwards I bought myself a roast beef and cheddar cheese sandwich and a cola for lunch. This day couldn’t get any more perfect!
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