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My paternal grandparents died within a year of each other. My grandfather, Willie Charles, died in December 2011. My grandmother, Lizzie Bell, died in November 2012. With the latter I got to attend her funeral and see her. I didn't know either of them well and I'm just now reconnecting with my father's side of the family.

When I saw this prompt on Tumblr, it instantly made me think of them. So the follow poem is the result of that.

Word Count: 66
Warning(s): Mentions of death.

Gone and I never knew you well
Thus I ring my imaginary bell

I pray that you find peace
Maybe in a heavenly version of Greece

I wish I had known you both better
I’ll forever regret my unwritten letters

I grow closer to your son
So I will know him better before we are both done

And maybe through him
I’ll recover memories of them
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