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Title: Themes in TMC
Challenge: (Which of the challenges did you do?) Developing Themes
Word count: 230
Rating: PG
Original/Fandom: Original/The Mondian Chronicles
Pairings (if any): None
Warnings (Non-Con/Dub-Con/etc): None
Summary: I talk about themes in the TMC series.

One of the main themes in The Mondian Chronicles is family. Though each character has their own individual motivations, most of them of relate back to their families.

For example, Gilles de Caulmont. Outwardly he seems to be the backup man to his brother, but underneath he feels a great resentment as his brother's prominence and his position as their father's heir and future Count of Sudme. He even pushes away the woman he loves in a bid to out do his elder brother.

Another theme that seems to run through this particular series is (Wo)Man vs. Society. While men have more freedom, they have certain expectations to upload in society. For example, Pierre Everart has to marry because his father and by extension society says he must. He is also looked down upon because of his association with Aimee Eaurer, a woman of a lower class than he.

But women in this series have more pressures from society. They must marry or else be regarded as damaged goods. After they marry they must have children...especially sons to further to both of the respective families names. In example, Therese of Ibonia. She was married to the Prince of Norme (Henri, future Henri I) to bare heirs to the Mondian throne as well as to further the Segovia and by extension the Huber family name and prominence in the Adeodatian society.
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