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This is a repost from my original writing community ([ profile] vi_rose)

Warning(s): The following piece speaks of suicidal ideation and cutting.

“Why would she do this?” Wilma asked.

One of the doctors looked up at her and shook her head slightly.

“Destiny, are you alright?” Wilma asked.

The teenage girl stayed silent against the wall and watched the three doctors warily. She moved slightly from each side to the other.

“Is it correct that you were thinking of throwing yourself down the stairs?” One of the male doctors asked.

The girl nodded her head.

The doctors wrote on their pads and spoke to each in silent whispers. They turned to Wilma and nodded before leaving the room.

Wilma turned to her daughter and smiled slightly at her. She didn’t return the smile.

“Would you like something to eat?”

“I saw a Burger King on the way in here. I’d like a burger or something.”

Wilma nodded. She reached in to give her daughter a hug, but the girl didn’t return the hug.
She stood stiffly as her mother clutched her shoulders.

“I’ll be back I promise,” Wilma whispered. The girl nodded.
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